Indoor Tanning Lotions

If you haven’t the time to go get a tan in the sun or you haven’t the sun to give you the time then you can always make use of indoor tanning lotion to catch that tan…

One need not roast themselves out in the sun in order to get some tan on an otherwise pale looking skin color. As it is the sun shines down much more than just bright light in the form of Ultra Violet rays that can be very damaging for the skin. These rays can actually lead to cancer. But for all those who desperately want to catch that tan there is an ideal alternative in the form of indoor tanning lotions.

Safety First

Although there are certain outdoor tanning lotions that do offer protection against the sun while promising to put on the tan, if you want to play it real safe then an indoor tanning lotion is a far better option. As it is not all of us have the time to go and bake our selves in the sun. And there is no guarantee of the fact that the sun will be out there when we do actually find the time.

Convenient & Versatile

With indoor tanning lotions you can catch that tan on the cloudiest of days when it’s raining cats and dogs. This is because you will be making use of a specially formulated lotion that will bring about the desired effect on your skin while you sit in the comfort of your home irrespective of the weather conditions on the outside. Indoor tanning lotions offer you the chance to get some color on your skin throughout the changing seasons.

The inner workings of indoor tanning lotions

This is the scientific part. The skin is made up of a special substance known as melanin. The production of melanin and its quantity is what gives the skin its color. Basically the more the melanin production the darker the color of the skin will be. Hence the aim of these tanning lotions is to increase the melanin production to a level that produces the desired shade of the tan.

Shades & Tones

This is why you will be able to find tanning lotions that specifically state the shade of the tan. The shade that the tan takes on however depends on the original color of the skin as well. Furthermore each skin type reacts differently to tanning lotions. Hence a particular indoor tanning lotion promising to put on a specific tone is quite likely to produce different results on different skin types.

Using Melanin

Since there is no sunlight the indoor tanning lotions make use of different chemicals and irritants in order to achieve the desired affect. Some indoor tanning lotions actually make use of the very substance that naturally gives the skin its color and that is melanin. By directly rubbing a melanin based indoor tanning lotion on your skin the tan catches on much faster and appears to be much more natural.


Today we find the market to be flooded with different varieties of indoor tanning lotions. Since the skin is sensitive in nature and prone to develop allergic reactions to certain chemicals one needs to be very cautious when selecting a particular indoor tanning lotion.

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