Best Tanning Lotions of 2018

How to know what lotion is best for you? Get the proper guidelines as to how to choose the best tanning lotion amongst the wide variety…

Anyone looking for a tanning lotion is bound to be faced with a difficult time making a choice between the multitudes of variety that is available in the stores today.

With the increase in demand for tanning lotions many business minded individuals have set up companies producing tanning lotions to cash in on the trend.

On the one hand this gives the interested individuals a wide variety to choose from but on the other hand it becomes extremely difficult to gauge the quality of a product.

One can easily come under the influence of the deceptive advertising campaigns of some of the tanning lotions that seek to exploit the customers. Hence one is required to exercise caution when choosing the best tanning lotion.

When to Use Outdoor Tanning Lotions

There are two basic types of tanning lotions. One is the outdoor tanning lotion and the other is the indoor lotion.

The typical outdoor tanning lotion is specially formulated to make sunbathing safe. Basically outdoor tanning lotions serve a dual purpose.

On the one hand they act like sunscreens that protect you from the UV rays of the sun and on the other hand they amplify those rays of the sun that are responsible for giving you the tan.

When to Use Indoor Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions however work in a totally different manner. These are chemical based lotions that do not require you to expose your self to the sun’s rays.

Rather you can apply the lotion evenly on your body and lay down on a tanning bed to get that bronze shade that you are looking for.

There are some indoor tanning lotions that do not even require you lie down on a tanning bed. Such lotions are known as self tanning lotions.

Desirable Qualities in Tanning Lotions

There are a number of things that you should consider if you are looking for the best tanning lotion.

When it comes to outdoor tanning lotions protection from the UV rays is the most important thing. Hence you should make sure that the product that you choose offers you maximum protection from the sun in real terms.

Secondly the lotion should not over amplify the tan because as it is the sun will have its effect on the skin and you don’t want the bronze tan to turn to black.

When it comes to indoor tanning lotions you will find them to be made of various chemicals and irritants.

Some indoor tanning lotions actually contain melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin its natural color.

It is important to make sure that these components are in due balance so that they don’t cause any side effects on your skin.

Getting the perfect tan is not the only thing that the best tanning lotion will have to offer you.

You also have to take care of your skin. Hence the ideal tanning lotion should also act as a moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and smooth.

This is a very important feature that you should look for in both indoor and outdoor tanning lotions.

Some people tend to mistake tanning lotion with sunscreen.

In truth however both these perform opposite functions. Whereas sunscreen is meant to give you protection from the harmful rays of the sun, tanning lotion on the other hand is meant to amplify the effect of the very same UV rays that sunscreen is supposed to protect you against.

Tanning lotion works its wonders on the skin due to certain special ingredients that promote the melanin production in the skin.

Some tanning lotions actually make use of melanin itself to achieve this purpose. Another reaction that the tanning lotion has is that it increases the blood flow under the skin.

The melanin production naturally increases as a result of the increased blood flow. It is gradually forced to the upper most layers of the skin there by having a tanning effect on the body.

There are basically two different kinds of tanning lotions. One is the tanning lotion that is specifically formulated to be used on the outdoors.

You can either buy large 12oz and bigger bottles for use over an entire year or you can buy small single-use packets, which are great for vacations or use at indoor salons.

This specially formulated tanning lotion does achieve its purpose and also protects the skin against the damage that the UV rays of the sun have the potential to cause.

The other kind of tanning lotion is specifically for indoor use. Such tanning lotions do not have the qualities of sunscreen in them

Bloodflow Increasing Lotions: The Tingling Sensation Explained

Indoor tanning lotions promote the blood flow at the level of the skin. This effect is known as the tingle factor.

The process gets its name due to the tingling sensation that it arouses in the skin when the ingredients of the tanning lotion start to take action.

The science behind the use of indoor tanning lotions is slightly dubious. In fact it would be far more appropriate to term it as a theory rather than established empirical scientific evidence.

The reddening of the skin, which is the target of these tanning lotions, is actually accomplished by making use of chemicals and irritants which in our everyday life we would want to avoid making contact with.

Chemical Reactions and the Alternative

The skin on each individual has varying sensitivity to different substances.

This is the reason why tanning lotion has a different reaction on different individuals.

In some cases a particular tanning lotion would give an individual a slight and bearable tingle for the tan but the same lotion could be a source of severe pain to another individual with different skin properties.

The difference in the physical characteristics and level of sensitivity to different chemicals is the reason why there is no objective conclusive argument regarding the tingle factor.

You will find some companies to be displaying tingle ratings that are catered to guide the interested customer. These ratings are however not at all standardized but are more of the company’s own creation.

Since a lot of people are skeptical regarding the tingle factor companies have begun to produce such tanning lotions that are void of the tingling sensation.

This has given them a broader market share and more people are now willing to try out these tanning lotions that don’t tingle to the extent of becoming a source of discomfort.

Avoid falling in the trap of poor quality tanning lotions being sold as cheap tanning lotions. Learn to differentiate between cheap prices and cheap quality…

Tanning is not a necessity of life. Hence you wouldn’t want to spend too much money on buying tanning lotion when it’s not really something that you can’t survive without.

But if you desperately desire to get your skin tanned then the least you can do is look for reasonable cheap tanning lotions.

But wait…

Before you rush headlong into purchasing the tanning lotion that costs the least there are some important considerations that you need to make.

You want to ensure that the product that you purchase is cheap in terms of money and not in terms of quality.

Hence picking up the product that offers you the lowest price may not always be the best thing to do, especially in the case of tanning lotions.

Cheap Price Vs Cheap Quality

The human skin is quite sensitive. As it is tanning lotions are loaded with chemicals and irritants.

A cheap quality tanning lotion that is relatively unheard of cannot and should not be trusted by the claims that it makes.

It is very easy to make tall claims and often times you will find the cheap tanning lotions to be making the tallest of claims.

When you end up falling for the trap then only you realize what exactly “cheap” means in relation to the product that you have just purchased.

Judging Cheap Price Vs Cheap Quality

The market is full of many different brands producing tanning lotions of varying kinds. The range of tanning lotions varies according to their effectiveness as well as their prices.

But for those of us who cannot afford the high end tanning lotions there are certain brands that are well reputed for producing tanning lotions that actually work and are moderately priced.

Good Brands at Cheap Prices with the Best Reviews

1. Tan inc. 

Tan Inc. has released the tanning lotion popularly circulating in the market known as Passion.

This is a one of those products that have proven to be effective without causing any side effects to its users. The purchasing price of this particular product is a mere $16.95 which makes it a great deal.

2. Caramel Spice 

Caramel Spice lotions is another exciting tanning lotion that has recently hit the shelves.

This one is slightly more expensive than the above mentioned passion but then again it has the ability to work wonders on the skin.

3. Tattoo bronzer 

Tattoo’s bronzer is yet another tanning lotion that is gaining currency in the international market currently.

This product falls midway between the other two and the same can be said about its quality.

Chemical Irritants

The important thing to consider when looking for cheap tanning lotions is to make sure they do not contain ingredients that can be damaging for your skin.

There are many cheap tanning lotions that contain a dangerous balance of chemicals that give you the desired result in an instant but damage your skin in the long run.

The ideal tanning lotion should have a well balanced formula that provides you with the desired tan and at the same time acts as a nice moisturizer for your skin while cleansing it as well.

Discount Tanning Lotions

Looking for cheap tanning lotion that is not of cheap quality? Find out how you can get your hands on a discount tanning lotions …

People can really go to extremes when it comes to fashion trends. The most orderly kind of fashion however is one that is within the perimeters of practicality and elegance.

One of the things that individuals do in order to enhance their natural beauty is that they attempt to give their skin color a nice tan that makes it look more attractive.

UV Ray Dangers

Traditionally the only way to do this was to set up a beach chair and let the blazing heat of the sun bake you till you turn red.

Scientific research in the last couple of decades has revealed that such an act could lead to skin cancer and other harmful diseases.

As a result the masses were greatly discouraged to get sun tans out in the open.

The blazing Desire To Not Be Pale

The desire to catch a nice tan on the skin however remained. The alternative came in the form of tanning lotions that promise to help catch that tan and offer you the protection that you need.

There are two basic kinds of tanning lotions. One is the kind that is to be used outdoors.

This kind of lotion will act as a sun block by disallowing the harmful rays of the sun to have any negative effect on the body while amplifying the effects of those rays of the sun that will give you the tan.

Indoor Tanning Lotions

The other variety is that of indoor tanning lotions. These lotions are ideal to use with tanning beds and will give you the desired tan without you even having to face the sun.

Both these kinds of tanning lotions have their pros and cons. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference and circumstances.

You Have to Pay to Get Tanned

Although the tanning lotions provide you a healthier alternative than baking in the sun there is a price that you will have to pay.

This price is the actual retail price of the lotion that you will need to make use of.

When valued against the protection and function that such tanning lotions have to offer they surely seem well worth their prices, especially if they stand true to their claim.

Cheap Lotions

As it is you will be able to pick up discount tanning lotions because of the intense competition that exists in the market.

Ever since the introduction of the concept of indoor tanning many new companies have opened up producing tanning lotions of different qualities.

As each new company attempts to grab a slice of the market they are offering discounted prices so that the customer is enticed to buy the product.

Furthermore end of season sales can fetch you a great buy if you are looking in the right places.

One thing to remember is that there is a difference between a product that is being offered at a discount and a product that has a cheap selling price.

You would want to go for a trustworthy brand that is offering a discount tanning lotion rather than a tanning lotion that is cheap anyways because it is likely to be of poor quality.

Tanning lotions from brands like Aloha and the famous Australian Gold collection can be bought at great bargains through the internet.