Australian Gold Products

Looking for a great tanning lotion? Get the info on the latest Australian Gold Products to hit the market in our complete guide of all A.G products.

The raise in demand of tanning lotions can be directly linked with the spread of awareness of the health concerns of getting your skin tanned in the sun.

As much as the public enjoyed baking in the sun they have had to give up the practice because of the negative effects that could have on the body.

Much to the deliverance of the tan hungry masses there came about a tanning lotion revolution that offered them the perfect alternative.

Today the market is loaded with many different manufacturers involved in the production of tanning lotions.

These tanning lotions vary in respect to their ingredients and the desired effect that they aim to generate.

Australian Gold is amongst one of the leading companies in the skin care beauty products industry. So it comes as no surprise it was the #1 selling brand in 2018.

Tanning lotions fall under this very umbrella of skin care and beauty products and Australian Gold is renowned for its high quality tanning lotions.

The latest Releases

Below are the latest and greatest lotions A.G has to offer. From premium products for resort use to more affordable products for a day on the lake, Australian Gold has you covered, literally and figuratively!

Bronze Minerals Formula

This is a highly advanced formula set to release in the near future. It is considered to be a sixth dimension bronzer that roasts the skin and gives it that bronze touch that could only be achieved through the direct light of the sun.

The formula contains bioactive bronzing minerals that do not only help in getting the tan right, they help to keep your skin healthy as well.

Vintage Gold

This is one of their classic items that is being re-launched into the international market. This newer version has a more powerful formula which is why it is considered to be an extreme bronzing lotion.

Creamy Gelato

This delicious sounding tanning lotion has an equally delicious affect on the skin.

The lotion has more of a creamy gel type texture that is pleasurable to put on the skin anyways.

When the cream begins to work its wonders then one truly realizes the worth of this tanning lotion.

No Worries

“No worries mate!” What could be more Australian? A casual sounding tanning lotion that means serious business.

This particular product is the result of extensive research and development as it features the latest Stay Fresh Technology that has a lot more fringe benefits than ordinary tanning lotions.

Kiss Kiss Bronze Bronze

This super hip sounding tanning lotion actually works as a dual bronzing accelerator. The use of this cream puts on the tan in good speed.

Australian gold has also managed to release a whole new collection of products by the name of colorology.

This interesting theme based collection features the latest technological advancements that have been made in the study of tanning lotions.

Products like Rumors and First Blush have taken the market by storm. They work as excellent bronzers while working to remove those unwanted wrinkles as well.

Another collection by the company is based on medical concept solutions.

The variety of products that fall under this category include tanning lotions that have the potential to work as eye moisturizers, facial creams, cleansers and of course the tan is but a given.