Bronzers Vs. Tinglers: Know the Difference

Can’t decide what indoor tanning lotion to buy? Want to know the difference between a bronzer and tingling lotion? How do they both differ from standard lotions? Read on for the facts & information…

Those who have had the experience of visiting a tanning salon you are familiar with being asked to purchase a bottle of indoor tanning lotion by the merchant. People who work at tanning salons are more often than not required by the salon owner to invite every client to get a bottle of lotion because they make a massive profit on it. However, using an indoor tanning lotion is in point of fact an extremely good thing to do, for several reasons. Read on to find out why…

There are a lot of tanning bed lotions accessible these days that make it difficult to say the least when trying to choose which one to use during your tanning session. There are at least 50 different brands and several different types of lotions that you can select.

The most important types of indoor tanning lotions are standard lotions, bronzers, and tingle lotions. Some lotions you will find are in reality a mixture of bronzer and tingle formulas, but these are not especially widespread.

All tanning lotions have at least a small number of extra ingredients in their formulas for skin moisturization and defense, and the huge bulk of lotions contain a lot of extra ingredients and that is what in point of fact sets one lotion apart from others. You will see ingredients like hemp seed oil, anti-aging blends and skin firming compounds on the labels of nearly all lotions. Some lotions are so sophisticated in their formulation that the price for a single bottle can get up to around the one hundred dollar mark. Whether or not it is worth it to pay out that much on a tanning lotion is arguable but regardless of what brand you choose you still need to use some type of lotion to avoid injury when using a sun bed. if you go into a tanning bed and don’t apply an indoor tanning lotion to your skin you risk being scorched, getting an irregular tan and speeding up probable skin damage.

Bronzer lotions are most likely the most well-liked  of all lotions and they are advertised as the fastest way to a deep, dark tan – which is what the majority of people desire who go to a tanning salon, and occasionally they just don’t feel like waiting.  What puts bronzer lotions in a category of their own is their supplementary ingredients that encourage and speed up skin browning. Their formulas work with the natural biology of your skin to provide you with a lovely dark color in a comparatively short amount of time. If you employ a bronzer tanning lotion during your sessions you can anticipate looking obviously darker in as few as two visits to the salon.

The vital thing to keep in mind is that indoor tanning can expose you to health risks if you don’t take the correct safety measures. Look after and nurture your skin before and after a tanning session by using a good quality indoor tanning lotion.

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