Crystal Tanning Lotions

Want to know what makes crystal sun tan lotion unique? Get a load of the amazing Crystal tanning lotion collection from Australian gold…

Tanning lotions have become a must have skin care product for many of those individuals that desire their skin to develop a darker tone.

The fact that the use of tanning lotions is being heavily propagated by the mass media has also influenced a trend amongst the public that now has a wide variety of choices available to them.

Australian Gold Lotions

Amongst the many different brand names that have managed to make it big with their variety of tanning lotions is Australian gold. (Read our complete Australian Gold product line overview complete with pricing charts and user reviews)

The company has a wide range of products out in the market and has established it self as a market leader when it comes to tanning lotions and other complementary skin care products.

Today you will be able to find the product line from the company being sold all over the world. They are involved in the production of both indoor and outdoor tanning lotions that cater to a wide variety of skin types.

Crystal Tanning Lotion

Particularly popular is the crystal tanning lotion collection which has recently been released in the market and has managed to cause major ripples.

The Crystal Face is a tanning lotion to be used specifically on the face. This lotion has been formulated taking into consideration the sensitivity of the skin on the face.

Using this cream will help to rid the lines on the face that make it look gloomy and provide you with the ultimate facial tan in good speed.

X Bronzer

The Crystal collection also features the X Bronzer which is a dark tanning lotion.

This is a highly concentrated formula that actually loads you up with ten times the bronzer in each bottle.

One needs to apply the lotion in moderate quantity in order to get the desired effect that lasts longer than usual.

Crystal 1 Dark Intensifier

If you’ve got the money to spare then Australian Gold has the ultimate high end tanning lotions to meet your needs.

The Crystal 1 Dark Intensifier is another one of the company’s more exclusive tanning lotions.

The formula contains a blend of twenty one essential nutrients that make it a tanning lotion and a moisturizing cream in one.

Price Range for Crystal Collection

Similarly there is the Crystal collection of bronzers that range from the high end and powerful lotions to the relatively cheaper ones.

However, even the cheapest of Crystal Gold tanning lotions are good enough to set the bench mark.

The products from the company tend to be on the more costly side when compared to the rest of the brands that are available in the market.

This is not without reason though. It must be admitted that the company is cashing in on its brand identity but the tanning lotions you buy will never fail to achieve the claims that they make.