Cypher Tanning Lotion Review

Cypher Indoor tanning lotions today have never been so popular. Part of this is due to the fact that there is increased awareness about the dangers of exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Orange hands (hello Donald Trump!) are a result of over exposure to the active ingredient inside these lotions, while streaking is a consequence of not applying the cypher  lotion in the correct way.

Fortunately both of these can eliminated provided you take the time to familiarize yourself with the correct method of application before you embark on your indoor tanning experience.

One of the keys to understanding how best to use these lotions is to know that it is DHA which is the active ingredient in most products which brings about the tanned look by using amino acids in the skin to create melanoids which are the natural substance in all skin that gives it it’s color.

California Tan Cypher Step 1 Indoor Tanning Lotion retails at US $37.45 for a 6.8Oz bottle. These are the specifications of Cypher brought to you by California Tan:

  • Ultra advanced lotion for those seeking the very best step 1 tanning lotion without a bronzer
  • Silicone formula leaves skin feeling silky smooth
  • California Tan’s most advanced formula to date – Uses technology to identify and address the areas of your skin that need it the most
  • Fragrance: Zesty Lime Verbena

Bright orange hands are a common unsightly side effect of the indoor tanning process.

The reason this tends to happen is because your hands come into prolonged exposure with the cypher lotions due to the fact that it’s your hands that are applying the stuff to your entire body.

The best way to avoid this is just to keep washing your hands every five minutes or so.

This prevents the lotion from having enough time to really sink in to your skin and cause that deep orange color.

One of the biggest problems people come up against when using cypher indoor lotions is streaks.

The two keys to avoiding streaks is to apply the lotion swiftly, and in circles.

By doing it this way as opposed to simply running your hands straight down your legs, you are ensuring more even distribution of the lotion hence avoiding any dark streaks.

Generally, its recommended to start applying the lotion from the top of your legs downwards, then from your hands upwards to your shoulders and then finally to cover the trunk of your body front and back.

Before applying cypher indoor tanning lotion to your skin it’s best to get in the shower and give your whole body a really good scrub.

What this does is ensure that the lotion gets to work on fresh skin cells which will in turn prolong the life of your tan.

As it is these lotions only provide tans that remain for up to a week at the most so its important to maximize how long you can enjoy the fruits of one application if only by a few days.

Exfoliating your skin before tanning could make the difference between a tan that lasts 2 days and one that lasts a week.

Caution is always advisable when using these cypher lotions, especially if you don’t have much experience with them.

While it may be tempting to go far that deep bronzed look straight off the bat it’s not advisable to do so.

Not only are your chances of messing up the tan higher with more visible results, but not everybody actually looks good with that deep bronze look.

You should start out with a mild tan to see if it suits you then you can better judge whether or not you should try for a deeper bronze tan if you till want more.