Designer Tanning Lotions

You badly want the tan but are skeptical about the tanning lotions on sale. Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more and go for high quality designer tanning lotions that while expensive, are also often pretty much guaranteed to work wonders on your skin.

Skin tanning is a sensitive process. Individuals looking to indulge in this luxury need to exercise a great deal of caution especially with regards to the tanning lotion that they use.

The considerations need to be constant whether one is going to make use of outdoor or indoor tanning lotions.

Do Your Research First!

When going for a particular brand that makes tanning lotions it is always advisable to conduct your research before hand.

One should know about the various designer tanning lotions available in the market and their ratings with the public.

This would give the interested buyer a good idea of the effectiveness of the lotion.

Reading customer reviews on websites like is one way of finding out what is good and what is not.

There are a number of brands that have established themselves as market leaders when it comes to tanning lotions.

Indoor designer tanning lotions offer quality skin care along with the tan that you need.

It is however prescribed to make use of designer tanning lotions with the proper indoor equipment.

If you do not have the facility at your home then you can head towards a tanning salon with your very own designer tanning lotion or choose one from their collection.

Popular Designer Lotions of 2018

Flare Lotions

This is one of the top notch designer tanning lotions guaranteed to give you the dark bronze blend which has quite an exotic appeal.

The brilliant and bold color catches on with little tingling sensations on the skin.

The product contains skin conditioning ingredients that leave it looking well hydrated and moisturized.


As the name suggests the special formula of this lotion contains silicone which makes your skin soft and smooth while giving you the desired tone.

The quadruple bronzing blend produces a dark tan along with which it energizes the skin because of the ingredients that are present in it.


The extremely popular designer tanning lotion has triple bronzer that makes the caffeine content of the lotion equal to that of three cups of coffee.

Imagine the dark tan that this product has the potential to give you!

Ray of Light

This is the ultimate tanning lotion that provides your skin with excellent care and treatment.

It is amazing to experience the tanning results coupled with the silky and soft skin that the use of the product leaves you with.

This product is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and well cleansed with a radiating bronze tan.


If you are looking for the dazzling bronze skin that seems as though it’s sizzling then Shrine is just the designer tanning lotion for you.

This particular product works best with sensitive skin as not only does it provide you with your desired tan it provides gentle treatment and is soothing to sensitive skin.

Although designer tanning lotions tend to be relatively expensive as compared to the normal tanning lotions that you will be able to find in the market they have their obvious advantages that makes the ideal choice for those of us who can afford them.