Emerald Bay Tanning Lotions

Looking for Emerald bay sun tan cream? Treat your skin with the kindness that it deserves with the ultimate tanning lotions from Emerald Bay.

Amongst the many different brands involved in the production of tanning lotions is Emerald bay.

The company has established quite a following over the years and has become a leader in the industry.

With the competition catching up the company is ever involved in releasing new and improved products so as to keep their market edge.

The Emerald Bay Product Line

The Classic Malibu Mimosa 

This is one the company’s leading products in the market today. The rich cream gives a dark tan and has a fabulous delicious smell.

The interesting lotion is composed of grape seed oil that is derived from the best quality grapes.

This special ingredient gives the lotion powerful anti-oxidant properties that provide the skin with its much needed nutrition keeping it soft and smooth.

Classic Dark n’ Dazed

This is another product from the company which is a highly potent tanning lotion.

The formula for this product contains hemp seed oil which is a potent source of fatty acids along with a generous dose of essential amino acids and some very vital nutrients for the body.

This particular lotion provides the skin with utmost skin care and meets the essential moisturizing needs.

Classic Definitely Dark

This is one product from Emerald Bay that has been specifically formulated to give your skin a deep, authentic and dark tropical tan.

The tanning lotion loaded with olive, sunflower and wheat germ oils is both an excellent tanning lotion as well as a moisturizer that leaves the skin with the desired tan and texture.

The company also specializes in producing bronzers for the beach. These are powerful creams that are scented with sweet smelling fragrances such as cultured dairy vanilla complex.

The ingredients help to hydrate the skin and also provide relief from irritable skin.

The collection of bronzers from Emerald bay consists of beach ready creams that are ideal to wear when going for a trip to the beach.

They offer you the ultimate protection against the harmful rays of the sun and flower a natural looking tan that makes your skin glow golden brown in a matter of a couple of hours only.

The Uniqueness of Emerald Bay Products

The fact that makes the wide range of products from Emerald Bay different from its competitors is the use of unorthodox ingredients.

These ingredients are what give their products the special features that act as their unique selling preposition.

From the scents to their effects each product from the company has something special about it.

Since people have different skin types they are sure to find a product from the company that will nicely complement their skin.

Each product from the company is easily available through the internet where you will be able to find many independent distributors.

Alternatively you can go for the company’s original store which will be able to offer you the complete variety of Emerald Bay products.