How To Get Rid of Tan Lines

Fake tans and then to get rid of tan lines have gained enormous popularity over the past few years as more and more people have become aware of the damaging effects of UV rays. Everyone wants to have a nice healthy looking darker skin tone. The best way to achieve this is through fake tan.

There are two fundamental techniques to gain your desired skin tone and get rid of tan lines. The very first option going to the salon and letting the tanning beds affect your skin tone. However, this method is not that healthier as it consists of artificial methods, and can become a substitute of sun. The other option is to apply the various available tanning lotions and creams. This seems to be a bit better option as it helps you in cutting down the harmful effects, and also reduces the health risks such as skin cancer. Moreover, it also prevents premature ageing.

There is a huge variety of tans in the market, nowadays. The availability of such a great number of products has made it a bit confusing to choose the best product. If you want to stay away from bogus products, you have to spend a little more money for getting the branded fake tan. Do not compromise on the quality. So, it is better to spend more money rather than spending little for no good.

In order to make the effect look natural and then get rid of tan lines, it is important that you choose a colour that suits your skin tone. Do not choose a colour that is drastically darker than your natural skin tone, or it will be obvious that you are wearing a fake tan. Many products allow you to build up the colour over time gradually after repeated applications and that is a better option if you want to go darker.

Fake tan will look good on you only if your skin is smooth and properly moisturised. Otherwise, it will not blend in perfectly and will give a streaky effect. Before applying fake tan, exfoliate your skin with a good body scrub in order to remove all the dead skin cells. Next, apply a rich moisturiser and let it soak in for a few minutes.

Next is the application of fake tan on your body. You need to rub it for a few seconds on your skin so that it should get properly absorbed. Firstly, spray on one side and then the other. You can take help of someone for applying the tan on the entire body surface.

Several fake tans are such that they take time to get absorbed and show the affect a bit late. Experts advise to use it before going to bed as it can have a better time for absorption, especially due to being away from water.

To make your tan last longer, moisturise every day, but avoid use of lotions with alpha hydroxyl acids as they are exfoliating in nature, and may cause your tan to fade out faster. If you follow these steps, it is easy to attain a natural looking tan.

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