OC Tanning Lotions

Discover OC tanning lotion and the wide variety of skin care products that it makes. Find out what makes the OC range stand out from its competitors in the following expert product review:

OC Gossip Tanning Lotion

The brand new tanning lotion product line from OC has managed to cause some ripples in the market.

Popularly circulating is the OC Gossip tanning lotion. The product is receiving great reviews on the internet.

A 120z bottle of this powerful tan enhancer costs a handsome $40. But does it work as well as it is priced?

Tanning Maximizers

Basically OC tanning lotion is a tan enhancer that has five tanning maximizers.

With these elements combined the lotion is all set to give your body a completely flawless tan that appears to be all natural.

The color of the tan is described as dark savage in order to give you a feel of what the color would actually come out as on your body.

Enhancing Ingredients

The lotion has been formulated using the latest technological advancement that has been made in the science of creating tanning lotions.

It has a unique bronzing system that incorporates a mix of beneficial natural ingredients that are very good for the skin. These include items like carrots, sugar cane, walnut oil and caramel.

Acai Oil

The real special ingredient that makes OC tanning lotion stand out from its competitors is Acai oil.

This special oil is derived from the Acai palm fruit. The fruit is highly potent with ten times the amount of antioxidants as compared to other fruits.

This translates as a skin firming agent that helps to remove those unwanted wrinkles from the surface of your skin. The extract also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Silicone Emulsion

The product also contains silicone emulsion. This acts as a sensory modifier which helps to balance out the effects of the tanning lotion.

The result is a velvety feel on the skin and the fact that it has all these beneficial ingredients makes this amazing feeling last all day long.

OC Mix Lotion

The OC collection has many different varieties under its umbrella. The OC Mix is an exciting and energizing dark tanning lotion that injects your skin with oxygen and energy that boosts the tanning process.

The accelerating six potent tyrosine derivatives work to enhance the natural ability of the body to catch the tan. The UV absorption is maximized which results in a health tan that comes on in good speed.

Silk Emulsion

Another variation from the OC line of tanning products is the anti-cellulite skin firming lotion. This helps to rid the skin of the effects of time as it works to remove those wrinkles and lines and tightens the skin.

Silk emulsion is yet another product that is popularly circulating in the market from this brand. It is a rich lotion that consists of dimethicone which helps to soften the skin while keeping it nicely hydrated.

The OC line of products consists of both indoor and outdoor tanning lotions along with other skin care products that may be used in combination with the tanning lotion to provide many benefits for the skin.