Sunless Self Tanning Lotions & Bronzers

Save yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and get that tan you desire through making use of sunless tanning lotion. Read on for info…

Up until the recent discovery of indoor tanning lotions the only possibility open to those individuals looking to get a darker tan on their skin was to sit out in the sun.

With the progression of medical science came about a general raise in the awareness regarding the great health risks that are associated with such direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Dangers of UV Radiation 

Although the sun is a source of great benefit to man there are some rays that radiate from it that can be very damaging for human beings.

The skin in particular is very sensitive to these rays which are known as Ultra Violet rays.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can give birth to all sorts of skin related diseases and have been known to be a potential cause of skin cancer.

Getting a sun tan has been a hard line habit of many but with medical science issuing its warnings they had to mend their ways. The alternative came about in the form of sunless tanning lotions.

These were specially formulated lotions that could give you the same tan that you were hoping to get while baking your self in the sun.

The only difference was that you were now no longer dependent on the sun’s rays.

Best UV-Safe Alternatives

The innovation of sunless tanning lotions provided the tan seekers with a healthier alternative by eliminating the need to sit out in the sun altogether.

This saved them from the threat of developing all those skin diseases that UV rays can trigger in the human body.

Being the healthier alternative we find that the market is loaded with many different sunless tanning lotions made out of different ingredients.

Melanin Inducing Lotions

These tanning lotions are chemical based formulas that work their wonders on the skin generating much the same effect as did the exposure of the sun.

Basically they have chemicals and irritants that stimulate the production of a pigment known as melanin in the skin.

This is the pigment that is responsible for giving the skin its color.

Generally people with a high rate of melanin in their skin have darker colored skin than those who have a low melanin count.

Melanin Lotions

Some of the sunless tanning lotions actually contain melanin amongst other ingredients. This boosts the tanning process and helps the skin to catch on the color in good speed.

The top of the line sunless tanning lotions do not just give you your desired tan rather they act as skin moisturizers.

The various ingredients that make up a tanning lotion also help to hydrate the skin keeping it smooth and soft.

One can actually feel the skin being cleansed after using these lotions.

Melanin is a “self-tanning” type of lotion. Find out how self tanning lotions work and the common problems people face along with the tips on how to avoid them…

Self tanning lotions have the potential to scare people off if not used properly.

First timers often end up with streaked skin and orange palms because of the lack of experience with the lotion.

Once you get the hang of it however, these self tanning lotions come in quite handy especially during the summers.

Learn How To Apply Correctly

Misapplication of self tanning lotions can have amusing results and this does commonly happen with people.

It’s not so much a problem that has to do with the product rather it is the technique that is being used to apply the lotion that is faulty.

What is DHA?

Tanning lotions such as these contain a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone which is known as DHA in short.

This is the substance that gives the top most layers of your skin temporary stains within an hour after you have applied it. This particular layer is known as stratum corneum.

Hence if you start off on the wrong foot with the application of the product then chances are you will not be able to stop this fast pace process from having its affect on your skin.

How to Avoid Streaking When Sunless Tanning

The biggest problem that people face when making use of self tanning lotions is that of streaking.

The skin resembles the coat of a tiger with a combination of dark and light colored stripes.

The problem lies in the fact that you have to ready your skin prior to applying the self tanning lotion.

Things to do Before Applying you Lotion

Many people are unaware of this prerequisite to catching the tan from self tanning lotions.

You must take the trouble to moisturize and exfoliate your skin before you apply the self tanning lotion. Neglecting this step is the main reason why people develop streaks.


The best way to avoid the streaking is to exfoliate your skin every morning in the shower prior to applying the tanning lotion.

The exfoliating product should be used a couple of days prior to the use of the tanning lotion and not just before it.

If you use it in quick succession with the self tanning lotion than the whole process may be hindered because the absorption process may be disturbed.


It is also a good idea to shave a couple of days before making use of the self tanning lotion as that too exfoliates the skin.

You should however maintain the same time gap irrespective of whichever method you use to exfoliate your skin.

Be Slow & Gentle!

When it comes to the actual act of applying the tanner then you need to be extremely gentle to begin with.

Work your way slowly making sure you rub the product into the skin completely. Lotions are better for people who are more likely to develop streaks as compared to the self tanning quick drying foam.

The lotion gives you more time to smoothen out the uneven areas thereby reducing the chances of getting streaks.

Tanning Beds

Sunless tanning lotions are specially formulated to be used with tanning beds.

These beds radiate high levels of heat from the light fixtures that they are embedded with.

With the tanning lotion on the body and the skin friendly heated light of these tanning beds the desired shade catches on in no time.

Find out how self tanning lotions work and the common problems people face along with the tips on how to avoid them…

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

If you haven’t the time to go get a tan in the sun or you haven’t the sun to give you the time then you can always make use of indoor tanning lotion to catch that tan…

One need not roast themselves out in the sun in order to get some tan on an otherwise pale looking skin color.

As it is the sun shines down much more than just bright light in the form of Ultra Violet rays that can be very damaging for the skin.

These rays can actually lead to cancer. But for all those who desperately want to catch that tan there is an ideal alternative in the form of indoor tanning lotions.

Safety First

Although there are certain outdoor tanning lotions that do offer protection against the sun while promising to put on the tan, if you want to play it real safe then an indoor tanning lotion is a far better option.

As it is not all of us have the time to go and bake our selves in the sun. And there is no guarantee of the fact that the sun will be out there when we do actually find the time.

Convenient & Versatile

With indoor tanning lotions you can catch that tan on the cloudiest of days when it’s raining cats and dogs.

This is because you will be making use of a specially formulated lotion that will bring about the desired effect on your skin while you sit in the comfort of your home irrespective of the weather conditions on the outside.

Indoor tanning lotions offer you the chance to get some color on your skin throughout the changing seasons.

The Inner Workings of Indoor Tanning Lotions

This is the scientific part. The skin is made up of a special substance known as melanin.

The production of melanin and its quantity is what gives the skin its color. Basically the more the melanin production the darker the color of the skin will be.

Hence, the aim of these tanning lotions is to increase the melanin production to a level that produces the desired shade of the tan.

Shades & Tones

This is why you will be able to find tanning lotions that specifically state the shade of the tan.

The shade that the tan takes on however depends on the original color of the skin as well. Furthermore each skin type reacts differently to tanning lotions.

Hence a particular indoor tanning lotion promising to put on a specific tone is quite likely to produce different results on different skin types.

Using Melanin

Since there is no sunlight the indoor tanning lotions make use of different chemicals and irritants in order to achieve the desired affect.

Some indoor tanning lotions actually make use of the very substance that naturally gives the skin its color and that is melanin.

By directly rubbing a melanin based indoor tanning lotion on your skin the tan catches on much faster and appears to be much more natural.


Today we find the market to be flooded with different varieties of indoor tanning lotions.

Since the skin is sensitive in nature and prone to develop allergic reactions to certain chemicals one needs to be very cautious when selecting a particular indoor tanning lotion.