Hemp Lotions 101

Looking to buy a hemp tanning lotion? Want to know what sets hemp creams apart from other bronzers? Our guide gives you the info on the best lotions including Super Freak and Australian gold…

Hemp seed oil is the chief component in hemp sun tanning lotion. Hemp, which is a completely natural substance, is a potent active element and responsible fore setting these lotions apart from other creams.

Benefits of Hemp Tanning Lotions

Hemp tanning lotions:

1.    Magnify the tan.
2.    Offer better nutrition for the skin for overall development.
3.    Moisturize the skin.
4.    Protect the skin cells from destruction caused from strong chemicals present in tanning products.

Applying Hemp Oil Tanning Lotions

You should apply it a minimum of one hour before going into a tanning booth. This helps the cream go through the skin better before the tanning process begins.

The hemp plant  is a humectant that offers excellent hydration and a cool feel to  users. The ability of hemp to hydrate comes from its capacity to retain moisture from the atmosphere. This is the basis upon which  an increasing number of skin products and moisturizers utilizing it in their sun tanning creams and lotions.

What is a humectant?

Humectants are basically substances that are able to suck in moisture from the air and absorb it. They contain hygroscopic substances which are responsible for absorbing water from the air and are often used in desiccation. When used as a food additive, the humectant has the effect of keeping the foodstuff moist. Humectants are occasionally used as a component of antistatic coatings for plastics. Humectants are also found in many cosmetic products where moisturizing is desired, including treatments such as moisturizing hair conditioners, skin creams and sun tanning lotions.

Hemp Oil In Tanning Lotions

Hemp oil is utilized in creams along with additional ingredients like Vitamin E and copper to provide the skin a soft and a hydrated sense. This mixture forms a tough chemical bond that is added to products for maximum effect. Also, the high content of fatty acid assist in sealing the moisture content and lowers the damaging effects of products. It also counteracts the drying effect of tanning on the skin.

The presence of Vitamin E and hemp oil also stops the formation of wrinkles and fines lines which helps the skin to have a soft and a fresh feel. So, if you are weary of experiencing the side effects of tanning moisturizers, change to one that contains hemp oil.