Tanning Lotion Distributors

Looking for a sun tan lotion distributor for your skin store? Below we explain more about tanning lotion distributors and their shipment and return policies.

Just like tan seekers will be able to find a variety of choices when it comes to tanning lotions, those individuals looking to buy tanning lotions in wholesale quantities will be able to find a multitude of distributors.

Since the trend of using tanning lotions is on the increase we find more and more people to be looking for tanning lotion distributors.

The trend has escalated ever since medical experts have been able to create an organically based lotion that has the potential to give you a nice tan without you having to go out in the sun.

This technology has now become common and there are a multitude of products available in the market and an equally large number of distributors.

There are many independent distributors that are functioning online and can be contacted through the internet.

Most of these distributors are not affiliated with the manufacturers of the products that they are actually selling to the public.

Such distributors do not seek to represent the entire range of products that a particular brand may have to offer.

Basically the distributors are only helping to facilitate the market. They buy and stock those products that are in demand and then reach out to retailers and other potential customers that are looking for tanning lotions.

Distribution and Delivery

Most of the distributors that operate online have stocks of various tanning lotion products and offer delivery services when you place an order.

The shipment is usually made within a time period of seventy two hours from the placement of the order. This is in the case of those products that are already available with the distributors in stock.

As for those products that are not in stock the distributors will take any where from four days to a week to find those items and ship them to the customer.

Interested individuals should however know that these shipping services are not entirely free of cost.

Most distributors have their own automated method for calculating the rate that they will charge for the shipment.

It is generally estimated according to the total weight of the shipment. The shipment is mailed through the General Post Office.

There are however very few distributors that will offer you the opportunity to return the products once they have been accepted at the receiving end.

Generally, most distributors follow a no return policy which safeguards their own rights but places the customer in a difficult position who does not have a choice.

Since there is intense competition in the market customers can benefit by getting big discounts from the various distributors.

Timing is a key issue when it comes to tanning lotions. If you make the purchase before the peak season you will be able to save more money due to the special discounts that the distributors offer during the off season.

The best thing to do is to buy the stock in the off season and then sell it when the demand begins to increase.