Wholesale Tanning Lotion Suppliers

The rapidly increasing demand for tanning lotions has got retailers looking for tanning lotion in wholesale quantities to sell in their own stores. Read on for more info…


Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the demand for tanning lotions.

This upward movement on the demand curve has been observed in most western countries where the white and pink skinned masses like to get some color on their skin through tanning.

Until recently the western world was making use of direct sunlight for getting the baked skin look.

Scientific research however revealed the great dangers of doing so and hence there came about a huge change amongst the people.

Wholesale Indoor Tanning Lotion Vendors for Salons

Enlightened with the dangers that the UV rays of the sun pose Sun worshippers were forced indoors.

The desire for a darker tanned skin led to the discovery and development of indoor tanning lotions that could produce the same effects as sun bathing did.

Only this way could you catch that color in the comfort of your home or a tanning salon without having to worry about the harmful rays of the sun.

The increase in demand of tanning lotions can thus be credited to the advancement in medical science.

The first step was laid down when the dangers of sun bathing were exposed and the second step was the development of such tanning lotions that could work their magi indoors.

Cashing in on Trends

A plethora of companies opened up trying to cash in on this new trend. Each company coming out with its own line of tanning lotions making tall claims which only a few manage to meet. These tanning lotions are available in wholesale quantities for those people looking to offer them for sale at their retail outlet.

Popular Brands of 2018

Since the demand for tanning lotions is on the increase more and more supermarkets and general stores are stocking up on tanning lotions that occupy the shelf space in the skin care and beauty section.

Body Drench by John Abate, Super by Australian Gold and Fiesta Sun by Swedish Beauty are amongst the most popular tanning lotion brands circulating in the market today.

Retailers have shown great interest in purchasing these items in wholesale quantities because they are selling like hot cakes in the market.

Buying them in wholesale quantity reduces the cost per head thus allowing the retailers to earn a considerably handsome amount of profit.

There are many ways in which you can buy these tanning lotions in wholesale quantity.

Log on to the internet to search for wholesalers that deal in the various brands that are in demand.

But before locating a wholesaler you should conduct some market research in order to find out which products are in demand.

Look for the big brands and their hottest selling items and then turn to your search for the wholesaler.

The internet has made it easier to get the best wholesale deal as you can easily compare prices between the different suppliers.

Once you have found the best bargain you can have the entire shipment delivered to your retail outlet.